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Well-Designed Aquariums Bring Beauty & Wonder of Underwater Reefs to Viewers


The Concept

Allow more people to see and experience the true beauty and wonder of underwater reefs by creating both large and small reef aquariums that transform underwater life into living art and transport viewers into a new world.

While the beauty and fragility of underwater reefs can be truly breathtaking not many people are able to see them up close due to their land-locked location and a lack of diving skills.

The Solution

Innovative Acrylics creates large and small concept reef aquariums that allow more people to view reefs and the wildlife the surrounds them up close and in person.

Using cast acrylic, Innovative Acrylics is able to create reef aquariums in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. For example, the company recently completed work on a large 25,000 gallon reef aquarium that allows viewers to see coral reefs and accompanying fish and other sea life from two different angles.

Few things can be more strikingly beautiful than a reef aquarium that properly displays a living coral reef and the invertebrates and fish that play a huge role in maintaining that environment. It’s easy for viewers to forget the cares of the world and get lost in the beauty and activity inside the tank.

– Sean Stalter, Innovative Acrylics


Reef aquariums can be a challenge to construct because they require several things that a traditional fish-only aquarium does not – such as appropriate, more intense lighting, turbulent water movement and more stable water chemistry. At Innovative Acrylics, we have built a reputation for succeeding where other companies fail. No challenge is too big for us. We use the very latest cutting-edge technology to ensure an aquarium meets expectations both inside and out – that means inside the tank the reefs and wildlife thrive and outside it viewers enjoy picturesque, unobstructed views.


Innovative Acrylics has become a leading provider of reef aquariums for homeowners and businesses as well large resorts, hotels, spas and more.

Our aquariums utilize the latest building techniques and take full advantage of the benefits of cast acrylic sheets, which include strength, adaptability and sharp, clear views that are not marred by unsightly seams and bonds.

When it comes to showcasing the majestic beauty of coral reefs, no one can do it better than Innovative Acrylics. We specialize in creating reef aquariums that provide views that truly mesmerize owners and their visitors.

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