Case Study

Concave Aquariums Allow Viewers to “Step Into” the Tank

Unique design draws visitors further into the exhibit for unique views

The Concept

Provide visitors with a unique viewing experience by offering a concave designed aquarium. With this type of aquarium visitors can step forward so that they can view water not only in front of them but on each side as well.

This unique “step into” the tank feature allows for a more submersive feel while also enabling viewers to remain dry and comfortable as they view beautiful underwater reefs and sea life.

The Solution

Innovative Acrylics is highly experienced at creating concave aquariums that draw visitors further into the exhibit. For example, the company recently created a concave reef aquarium in Norway that allows visitors to step forward and get up close and personal views of coral reefs and accompanying fish and sea life. Visitors can also sit on a bench that is positioned so that they can see water in front and on both sides.

The concave aquarium’s design allows for expansive views of underwater life. Viewers can get closer to see specific fish or parts of coral reef or they can stand back to enjoy more of a panoramic view.

Concave designed aquarium panels are becoming more and more popular as they offer many benefits, including distortion free viewing of underwater life and a more gentle, meandering feeling as opposed to the more harsh flat panels.

– Sean Stalter, Innovative Acrylics


Innovative Acrylics uses cast acrylic, a big step forward in acrylic innovation, along with advanced bonding technology to provide obstruction free viewing through a concave panel. In the not too distant past, concave designs required viewing obstructions like large chemical bonds or mullions to join the panels together. Innovative Acrylics’ concave panels also offer another advantage over flat panels – distortion free viewing at the corners of the tank.


Concave panels that bend into the water are popular among visitors because of the unique viewing experience they offer. Innovative Acrylics is a leading provider of these types of aquariums – both large and small.

The company relies on advanced cast acrylic sheets and advanced bonding and thermoforming techniques to produce amazing obstruction-free viewing experiences for businesses, zoos, airports, hotels, individuals and more.

The aquarium the company recently built in Norway is an exciting example of what the company is capable of producing – it features a long concave design that offers expansive views of coral reef and underwater sea life.

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